A More Secure Future for You and the Earth

with a Gift that Gives Back

The mountains, tundra, and icy seas of northern Alaska are unlike anywhere else on earth. Earthjustice and our allies continue to challenge oil and gas drilling in America’s Arctic, providing vital protection for thousands of species, including the humpback whale.

You can make a gift that pays you income for life — matched today during the Never Rest Legacy Challenge

Join the Never Rest Legacy Challenge When You Create a Charitable Gift Annuity
How this type of gift works:
  • You make an irrevocable donation of cash, long-term appreciated securities, or mutual funds to Earthjustice. Our minimum gift is $10,000.
  • You decide whether you want your charitable gift annuity to benefit one or two people, which can include a spouse or other loved one ($20,000 minimum for joint CGA).
  • Your payment rate is based on your age when your payments commence and will never change, no matter how long you live or how the market fluctuates. The older you are, the higher your payments will be. 
  • You choose when you want your payments to start — right away or at a later date. You must be at least age 60 to receive payments. Deferring your payments for a year or more makes you eligible for a higher payment rate.
  • A portion of your gift may qualify for an immediate charitable income tax deduction, and a portion of your payments may be treated as tax-free income. If you use stocks or other appreciated assets to create your gift annuity, you will avoid some capital gains taxes as well. And some supprters may have a one-time opportunity to fund a gift annuity with a qualified charitable distrubution from their IRA.
  • After your lifetime, the remainder of your gift will support Earthjustice’s efforts to protect communities, wildlife, and the planet. 
Join the Never Rest Legacy Challenge When You Create a Charitable Remainder Trust
How to create your trust:
  • You transfer cash or appreciated assets worth $100,000 or more into an irrevocable trust. For trusts funded in whole or in part with real estate, the minimum is $500,000.
  • You receive an immediate charitable income tax deduction for the amount representing the future value of your gift.
  • You can choose to receive payments for life or up to 20 years.
  • You choose additional income beneficiaries, if any.
  • The trustee then sells the asset, paying no capital gains tax, and reinvests the proceeds.
  • The trust pays income at a rate determined when you create the trust. The typical payment rate is 5% of the trust’s value as calculated each year. As the trust’s value grows over time, your income increases commensurately.
  • You may donate additional assets to your trust at any time.
  • At the end of the trust’s term, the funds remaining will help advance the crucial work of Earthjustice.
Charlotte Sahnow and Alan Eliason

“It’s a win-win for us and for Earthjustice. A gift annuity as a way of giving has lots of advantages. But most important, we get to further the important work of Earthjustice. Clean air, clean water … the laws are on the books. We have to protect them. And this is our way of doing all we can.”

—Charlotte Sahnow and Alan Eliason

Evergreen Council members

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